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With over 300 barrels and counting, you can certainly say we are passionate about the art of aging craft spirits. We come by gumption honestly; in the 1800s our town of Middlebury, Vermont was home to talented stonecutters, masons and entrepreneurs who spent their lives dedicated to quality, innovation, and above all, patience.

Stonecutter Spirits proudly combines barreling techniques from around the world to age our gin and whiskey right here in Vermont. We are honored to be building a company dedicated to slow life and quality spirits that will stand for generations to come.

After all, aging makes all the difference.


Sivan Cotel and Sas Stewart, Co-founders


Our Spirits


Single Barrel Gin

DOUBLE GOLD - 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
96 points, "EXTRAORDINARY" - 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

After dozens of test batches, we crafted a gin recipe tailored for barreling in order to age our gin next to its whiskey cousins. Our gin is closely cared for as it ages, letting the bright gin flavors meld with those of the former bourbon barrel. We bottle Single Barrel Gin at the precise moment when you can taste a balance of juniper, cardamom, orange peel, caramel, and oak.

The result of this time and care to detail is a super smooth spirit that bridges the worlds of gin and whiskey. Enjoy with a cube of ice, or see what adventure you can whip up in a cocktail. Available now throughout Vermont.

Naturally gluten-free. Certified Kosher.


Small Batch Whiskeys

Distilled primarily from corn with a strong and spicy rye presence, we have two distinct whiskeys that we've set on their own custom aging paths.

Distilled like a bourbon, aged like an Irish whiskey, and finished like a Scotch, our first whiskey travelled all the way from Kentucky to Vermont to undergo a triple-barrel aging process. The whiskey begins its journey in older and refined former bourbon barrels before continuing into fresh once-used bourbon barrels. After aging at least four years, the whiskey is finished in red wine barrels for a perfectly rounded flavor profile. Currently sleeping until early 2016.

Our second whiskey is distilled from local corn and rye with a smooth, balanced focus. Currently aging in a mix of new barrels and once-used former bourbon barrels, we'll all need to be patient as the whiskey matures over the next four years. Currently sleeping until 2019.


A splash on the rocks is fun; a jigger in a cocktail is a party.

Stonecutter Social Club

Events + Collaborations

Double Gold at San Francisco Spirits Competition!

Stonecutter Spirits Single Barrel Gin voted BEST IN CATEGORY and receives a DOUBLE GOLD in the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

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Barrel Aged Gin of the Year!

Stonecutter Spirits Single Barrel Gin voted BARREL AGED GIN OF THE YEAR and receives a SILVER MEDAL in the 2016 Bar Business Spirits Competition!

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