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Stonecutter Spirits Vermont Distillery Heritage Cask Whiskey with Cheese

Designed to be an exploration of place, our Heritage Cask Whiskey is distilled in Kentucky like a bourbon, aged in Vermont like an Irish whiskey, and finished like a Scotch

Distilled with a high-rye, bourbon mash bill, Heritage Cask Whiskey straddles the line between bourbon and rye. With a robust backbone of delightful bourbon sweetness (think caramel and vanilla) and a bold rye component (think black peppercorn and baking spice), this Vermont whiskey is sure to tickle your bourbon and rye appreciating tastebuds.

Aged like an Irish whiskey in former Kentucky bourbon barrels for three and a half years, Heritage Cask Whiskey’s flavor profile sidesteps the heavy oak notes of many bourbons and instead develops a beautiful and natural sweetness.

After resting for four years, we let our Heritage Cask rest for an additional four months in California cabernet barrels, soaking in rich berry and plum notes.

TASTING NOTES: vanilla, caramel, black peppercorn, cinnamon, lush berry

Available throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, and the NY Capital region.

Certified Kosher | 90 proof


You’ll enjoy our whiskey in one of these cocktails: