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Stonecutter Spirits Vermont Distillery Heritage Cask Whiskey with Cheese

Designed to be an exploration of place, our Heritage Cask Whiskey is distilled in Kentucky like a bourbon, aged in Vermont like an Irish whiskey, and finished like a Scotch

A perfect union of whiskey traditions for the true connoisseur. Distilled like a Kentucky bourbon, aged like an Irish whiskey, and finished like a fine Scotch, our Heritage Cask Whiskey expertly layers the best characteristics the whiskey world has to offer. 

The process begins with a traditional high rye bourbon mash bill, pot distilled in the heart of American whiskey country—65% corn, 35% rye and 5% barley.

Our unique grain mix patiently sleeps in our Vermont barrel room—nestled in 53 gallon bourbon barrels—for over four years. This soft aging process lets the grains speak for themselves—traditional vanilla and butterscotch notes from the corn complimented by spicy pepper and cinnamon essence from the rye grains. (Think of the best of corn bread and rye bread put together!)

A final six months in California Cabernet casks imparts a touch of ripe fruit sweetness—a burst of berry that is the punctuation mark on our Heritage Cask Whiskey. 

A masterpiece of spirited thinking, this blend of bourbon and rye worlds makes a killer manhattan or old fashioned, and for the lazy bartender (often us!)—it’s fabulous over a large cube of ice.

TASTING NOTES: Deep dark berry sweetness and rich baking spice on the nose. Warming black peppery spice opens up to gentle vanilla and butterscotch, with a long lingering lush wine finish. 

Certified Kosher | 90 proof | 4+ years old | Mash bill: 65% corn, 35% rye, 5% barley

Available throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, and the NY Capital region.

You’ll enjoy our whiskey in one of these cocktails: