Holiday Gift Guide: Cocktail Supplies to Give with a Bottle

The Stonecutter Staff Gift Guide

Part 2: Cocktail Supplies to Give with a Bottle

The Stonecutter Staff keeps a sharp eye on new tools of the trade that help us crank out the best cocktails in style. These are our favorite behind-the-bar accessories and must-have supplies that the cocktail lovers on your list are sure to love in 2019. Pair one with a bottle of Stonecutter for the complete package.

Sas Stewart | Co-Founder, President

I love to gift the copper barware — jiggers, spoons and weighted leopold shakers — from Cocktail Kingdom. The smaller pieces, like the copper jigger ($27.99) look gorgeous tied to the top of a package, and the whole set adds instant sparkle and happiness to any home bar. 

Shopping for someone who’s looking to upgrade their thrift-store starter setup or a new convert to cocktails who’s starting from scratch? The Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Set ($139.99) is as gorgeous as it is useful.

Kate Ripley | Brand Ambassador

If you’re shopping for the serious DIY go-getter who already makes all their own cocktail ingredients and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, the GROW. Cocktails Kit ($12) includes all the supplies they need to grow thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm, and blue borage to take their homemade cocktails to the next level. A sunny windowsill, a little time and a moderately green thumb are the only other things they’ll require to start growing their own aromatics at home.

Joey Jones | Lead Bartender, Highball Social

Denver, CO’s Death & Co. is a cocktail lover’s mecca, so it just makes sense that their books — Modern Classic Cocktails and its sequel, the Cocktail Codex ($18-25) — have become the bibles of the modern craft cocktail movement.

More than just recipe books (thought they are that, with 500 in the first edition alone), these books truly offer an education on mixology from Absinthe to Zombies.

Martha Mack | Director of Beverage Programming

All things tiki are having a serious moment, and we can’t say we’re not into that. This Neko Cat Tiki Mug ($7) is the perfect way to bring a taste of the islands into your very own home in the dead of winter. But wait, you say, I can’t get my rum from Stonecutter! Don’t fret: there’s plenty of tiki cocktail action to be had with gin and whiskey, too.

Jeff Lemieux | Regional Brand Ambassador - MA

What was that we were just saying about tiki? Replace those boring old shaking tins with something as fun as it is functional. This tin on tin cocktail shaker set ($17.65) is made from high grade Japanese steel and weighted for the perfect feel. The tropical pattern inspired by Pacific Island imagery is etched on the surface and highlighted with food safe ink. 

Sas Stewart