Holiday Gift Guide: 8 of Our Fave Vermont Makers

The Stonecutter Staff Gift Guide

Part 1: Made in Vermont

When it’s time to find the perfect gift for everyone on our lists, we always look first to the talented makers and curators right here in Vermont, ducking into local shops to find perfect little gems. In this first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide, your loving Stonecutter staff is calling out the things we can’t wait to give from our neighbors right here in Vermont!

Stay tuned for Part II, all about the cocktail and bar supplies we’ll be reaching for in 2019!

Sivan Cotel | Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Benito’s Hot Sauce in Morrisville, VT, makes their fiery condiments out of all VT-grown chile peppers, maple syrup, and just a handful of non-GMO, organic, super-fresh ingredients and nothing more. It’s great on eggs on a weekend morning, and on just about everything else any other day of the week, too. You can find them in person at the Burlington Farmer’s Market, on the shelf at most VT groceries and co-ops, or order online. My favorites are Joe’s #1 Jalatillo and White Hot, which they describe as “a torture trip…but with flavah!!!” (both $6.99).

Will Fleming | Brand Ambassador

I'm always on the hunt for unique and functional glassware to add to my collection! The Vermont Tumbler ($45) is this year's pick! The glasses are beautifully hand-blown and dishwasher safe with Vermont's most iconic peak, Camel's Hump, molded into the bottom, set perfectly aglow with two fingers of Stonecutter’s Heritage Cask Whiskey.

Tom Madarasz | Brand Ambassador

I was recently enlightened to the magic and ease of pour over coffee. We were lucky enough to work with Jeremy Ayer earlier this year, and I’ve been obsessed with these pour over sets ($60) ever since. Jeremy throws these stoneware sets in his Waterbury studio, and they’re safe to throw in the dishwasher or microwave. Grab a pack of paper filters, your favorite VT roast, and you’re good to go!

Nicholas Cantrick | Brand Ambassador

My favorite Vermont product is Darn Tough socks! I love them because they are made in Vermont, awesome quality and they are guaranteed for life. My dog chewed a hole in my socks the day I got them last Christmas. I sent them back and got a new pair for free, no questions asked. Great company, great socks! ($16-$26)


Maggie Cantrick | Brand Ambassador

Deb Fanelli's wearable art is gorgeous, timeless, and statement-making. Deb can customize any piece and even offers in-depth one-on-one classes. This is the perfect 'ornament' for the artisan jewelry lover on your list! (Inquire for pricing, classes and custom orders.)

Brittany Blazey | Social Media Coordinator

I love the Super Rich Body Crème ($79.99) from Upstate Elevator Supply Co. It works wonders for headaches and chronic pain. It smells better than any other CBD cream that I've tried. I use it every night! The consistency of the cream is buttery and luxurious. It also makes your skin really soft, as an extra added bonus!

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. has their headquarters on Burlington’s Pine Street, but they farm high-CBD hemp varieties in Vermont and in Colorado. In their Vermont processing facilities they work to “extract, purify and concentrate our sustainably grown and harvested hemp into a wide array of natural, botanical remedies.”

JC Dugan | Brand Ambassador

These absolutely beautiful hardwood cutting boards ($25-$35) are made right here in the Green Mountains by Eric Oesterle. They’re perfect for friends or family out of state who love Vermont and cooking!

Haleigh Simmons | Manager, Highball Social

I recommend anything from The Orange Owl vegan skincare products. I love this Vermont-based company dearly and have been buying all sorts of their products for years! Their motto is “Do good. Smell good. Feel Good,” and they make it easy to do all three. They work with The Schooling Project, an organization in India that works towards financing the education of underprivileged children, their packaging is environmentally-friendly, and their products are always free of harmful chemicals.

Their Orange Owl Gift Basket ($44.99) is a great way to get someone hooked.

Sas Stewart